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Occurring in the heart of Central London, Trafalgar Square, hosts a fun-filled and action-packed day of events taking place on an official NBA half-sized basketball court. Activities will be taking place throughout the day including some of the best dunkers in the world, Dunk Elite, who will be showcasing their balling and high-flying skills, as well as giving spectators the opportunity to get involved on the court. Special guests including YouTube sensation Tobjzzle will also be participating in the day.

If you know the dying-in-space simulator FTL: Faster Than Light, then you’re familiar with the work of Ben Prunty, whose score for Gravity Ghost has a similar spaceyā€¯ feel. The Gravity Ghost OST is warmer than the soundtrack to NBA 2k17, though, and often feels a little like a lullaby. It’s been almost a full year since Gravity Ghost released, and the soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the growing darkness and cold of winter. Timely!

How about being able to join one of my friends parks straight from the start menu instead of having to join a whole different park just to join friends. Also adding more clothes to mypark and the MUSIC! There should be new music added at least once a month because listening to the same stuff over and over and over get ridiculous. Also the option to skip songs, they should have a radio like in NBA 2k 17.

At any rate I was responding to the assertion that considering Curry as a better player than Westbrook doesn’t factor in context if their positions were switched, when there’s plenty of reason to believe Curry would fit Durant even better, (and Westbrook would be worse for GSW). No, that’s not a 2K stat, but there are plenty of things Curry does that makes him so that are modeled by 2K.

Come on, man. Dunks are a noisy and arbitrary measure for athleticism, period. Much better measures would be combine measurements or SportsVu data. And pretty odd that you would say that schemes don’t affect dunk numbers. Pace directly affects numbers of possessions as does offensive efficiency. Transition offenses and ability to create live turnovers lead to higher dunk numbers.

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