Need a sewing machine that will complete your sewing needs with ease? We have a variety that is perfect for you. They are designed to the customers’ needs with features beyond your imagination. They are designed to ensure you are fully satisfied. Years of experience has ensured we focus on the performance of our machines and ease of use for all. We offer a variety of sewing machines that are tested and have enjoyed a large customer base over the years. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced sewer, our sewing machines will suit your specific need. These sewing machines come at an affordable price friendly to your pocket. Get simple sewing machines for beginners at a low price for basic sewing and if you are an intermediate or advanced user, get yourself many complex features that you would wish for. All you have to do to get an amazing sewing machine is identify the machine that has the specific features that will work for you. This ranges from high speed to automatic machines that are so easy to use. You will feel comfortable within the first day of using them. Save yourself the cash and hustle of looking for extra accessories that you need since our sewing machines come with all the standard accessories necessary saving on the cost of buying separately.
The singer 7258 is a computerized free arm sewing machine with automatic needle threaded that helps you achieve you goal. This machine has a heavy duty metal frame that ensures your machine remains still, to avoid skipping stitches. It is a high speed machine at 750s/minute with the option to control the speed. The accompanying instruction manual and DVD makes every step easy to understand. Features are; free arm, automatic needle threaded, 100 built in stitches, 9 essential stitches, 8 stretch stitches, 76 decorative stitches, heavy duty metal frame, 10 presser feet, LED display screen, top drop in bobbin, 7 fully automatic buttonholes, automatic tension knob and the instruction manual and DVD. Read Full Review here….

Singer-9960-Quantum-StylistThis is a computerized sewing machine with 600 built-in stitches and 13 styles of fully automatic 1 step buttonhole. Professional sewers will find it most suitable to use since it is designed to be simple and easy to use. It is a high speed sewing machine with a top speed of 850 stitches/minutes with a very high quality stitch. It comes with an extension table for your larger projects and selecting stitches has been made easier. It comes with exceptional features to that makes sewing easy. These includes the top drop-in bobbin system, free arm for easy sewing of difficult to reach areas, digital LCD screen for selecting and setting of the stitches, the option to control the speed of sewing, and automatic bobbin winding. Additional features include audible warning alerts, option to adjust tension, ability to sense when additional power is require stitching multiple fabrics, and different types of feet for the specific types of stitching.
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Brother CS6000i Sewing MachineThe brother CS6000I is a computerized easy to use sewing machine that is affordable. It is a 60 built-in stitch sewing machine with a wide range for quilting. It has a wide table that provides a wide working area easy for large projects. The hard carry case makes it easy for you to carry the sewing machine to different areas making life easier for you. You will love the LCD display that helps you adjust the stitch length, width and set the different stitches. The free arm built-in helps you stitch difficult to reach areas with ease while the automatic threaded makes it easy to thread the machine with a single touch. It comes with many accessory feet for example the blind stitch foot and the buttonhole foot. It has a hard protective case that ensures durability of the sewing machine. Its stitching is of high quality that it levels a designer finish.

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